Way of the Cross to highlight Mary’s story

“It’s an opportunity to live our faith and build relationships with each other.”

That’s a statement from Manager Community and Mission, Brendon Mannyx ahead of this year’s Way of the Cross.

The tradition, dating back to the 12th century, invites people from across our Diocese to come together and pray - one of the great devotions of our faith tradition.

“During Lent, many communities have the practice of praying the Way of the Cross in preparation for the commemoration of Holy Week,” Brendon explains.

“In our Diocese, we have the tradition of gathering on the 5th Sunday of Lent to prayer the Way of the Cross together with our fellow Christian churches, making it an ecumenical event.”

This year’s Way of the Cross will make use of World Youth Day’s (WYD) theme, “Mary arose and went with haste”.

“We are going to journey the Way of the Cross through the retelling of Mary’s story as shared by 14 women from across our Diocese and Christian communities,” Brendon says.

“The voices of Mary bring together imagination and lived experience. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s been an amazing experience to accompany the ‘voices’ that are a part of this year’s Way of the Cross. It really has been a work of the heart.”

Brendon encourages everyone to attend the event, urging people to make the most of the annual opportunity.

“It’s funny, after every Way of the Cross, I usually meet someone who says, ‘Oh, I wish I knew that was happening – I would have loved to have been there.’ If you are thinking of coming, please join us,” he says.

“Miss this one, and you’ll have to wait 12 months for the next opportunity.”

The event will start at 3pm on Sunday 26 March at St Joseph’s Toronto (140 Wangi Road). You’re invited to meet at the St Joseph’s Community Centre, afternoon tea will be provided.

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