How a Youth Minister is inspiring students

Last week, young people were celebrated nationwide during 2024’s Youth Week.  

To mark the occasion, we’re shining a spotlight on Johanna Soo, a young person in our Diocese who is making a difference.

As a Youth Minister at St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton, Johanna helps students with their faith formation. She inspires them through a number of different activities and by being someone they can look up to and get support from.

This year's Youth Week theme was "Express. Empower. Get Loud," and Johanna certainly embraces that theme in the school's podcast

“It's for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We started the podcast in Term 4 of 2023 and have continued through 2024,” she explains.

“The purpose is to make Jesus real in the lives of students and give them a voice to ask questions about their faith, express themselves, and learn more about God.” 

Johanna also empowers the students by giving them the opportunity to regularly visit the elderly residents at St John's Villa Nursing Home in New Lambton. 

 “It gives them a chance to put their faith into action,” she says.

Johanna is passionate about inspiring other young people in our Diocese to adopt leadership roles and share their faith with younger generations. 

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