FAITH MATTERS: The Faith Journey

There is something very special about sharing a journey with others. It presents an opportunity for relationships to be formed and questions to be explored when there are similar intentions for undertaking the quest.  

I have been privileged to accompany several groups in the Christian Formation Course over the last few years and I am constantly amazed at the impact the formation has on each person. Individuals come with their own seeking, longing, need for healing, understanding of God and the Church and it is through this face-to-face learning experience that allows participants to explore their life’s journey and their faith within a safe environment.  Groups are often intergeneration which brings a range of life experiences and different perspectives to the course enabling each participant to learn and grow from one another.

This one-year course introduces participants to scripture, theology, church history, sacramental life and liturgy.

By engaging in the course it is hoped participants will:

  • explore their relationship with Jesus and feel the call of discipleship
  • grow in their capacity to reflect on life’s journey in the light of Christian faith
  • become more confident in articulating their faith
  • realise that Christian faith is nurtured in community
  • experience together the power of God’s revelation in the sources of Christian Tradition
  • engage in forms of learning which affirm and deepen their baptismal call
  • be affirmed in their gifts for participating in the life of the faith community
  • grow in awareness of what it means to be a responsive member of the faith community

Bishop Michael Kennedy writes,

“Growing up in a committed Catholic household I was blessed with role models who demonstrated ways of the faith to me from the time I was born. My faith formation continued through my years of schooling, being a teacher, when I entered the seminary and continues today even as your Bishop. I understand all families do not look like mine, and everybody’s life journey is not the same as mine, but developing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Catholic and disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong learning process for everybody.

At the heart of Christian formation is our deepening understanding and acceptance of the kerygma, that is, the initial proclamation of the Gospel which leads to the encounter with Jesus Christ that offers us the gift of a new life and provides us a vision of seeing the world with loving, compassionate and merciful eyes. The way in which Jesus formed his disciples creates the model we are invited to follow: he did not merely impart teaching, but he shared his life with them and invited them to “Follow him”, that is, to imitate him in word, action, and attitude. He taught them to pray not only in words but in actions.

The Christian Formation Course has been a great contributor to Catholic life in this diocese, with over 250 people formed since 1993. The course is based on adult learning methods that involves on-going dialogue and engagement with the material and the staff. The course encourages participants to witness the revelation of God through the human experience, which is most manifest in Jesus, the Christ.

Participants will explore their life’s faith journey and understandings about Jesus, and inspiring them to live more deliberately as his disciples. It is through this  exploration that participants share in the enrichment that comes from more fully gaining an understanding of what Catholics believe and why.

It is my hope that many people engage with the Christian Formation Course as a beginning or continuance of the journey of their living more informed and engaged with Christ in their life.”


Expressions of Interest are now open 2024/25 Christian Formation Course, which will commence on 23 July.

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