Volunteer serves hope and smiles at Taree Community Kitchen

Find out how Vicki is making a difference by volunteering at CatholicCare's Taree Community Kitchen. 

Peeling potatoes, washing dishes, serving our friends, mopping the floors, and dishing up food.

Those are just a few of the things that keep Vicki King busy when she is volunteering at CatholicCare’s Taree Community Kitchen.

For the last five years, she has been dedicated to helping us support people who are going without.

Vicki started volunteering after experiencing a loss in her life.

“Well, I did full-time work, and then my mum got sick, so I had to give it up and be her carer,” she explains.

“And, then in 2019 when she passed away, I was looking for something to do and I was told about the Kitchen so I went down there and enquired, and I thought: ‘yep, this sounds like where I should be’.”

Vicki adds that volunteering keeps her busy. Two years ago, when Taree experienced flooding, she “lost everything”.

“I haven’t got a lot to do because all my gardens and everything got washed away so I spend more time at the Kitchen where I can talk to people and help them as much as I can,” she says.

“I love helping the people coming in like the young mums and the pensioners and the homeless. They come in and they are so grateful for what we give them.

“When they leave, and they’ve got a smile on their face it’s all worth it.”

She encourages everyone to support the Community Kitchen in any way they can. It might be through volunteering, spreading awareness, or donating money or food.

Every little bit counts.

“I’ll be honest with you, volunteering can be tough,” Vicki says.

“From the minute you walk through that door to the minute you walk out it is hard work, but it is rewarding.

“We appreciate every bit of support, even if it is a bag of oranges or some tins of baked beans.”

Without support from the community and people like Vicki, we wouldn’t be able to keep our doors open.

Can you help CatholicCare make a difference? Donating to our 2023 Appeal will go directly towards our local services, ensuring people continue to feel welcome and receive a healthy meal.

Visit www.mycause.com.au/page/318856/make-a-difference to donate. 

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