Project Compassion inspires people from across the Diocese

Sacred Heart Cathedral was at capacity today as hundreds of people attended the launch of Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion.

Spanning across the six weeks of Lent, the annual campaign raises funds for people living in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

“It brings together thousands of Australians to raise much-needed funds to help alleviate poverty, promote justice, and uphold dignity in the most vulnerable and marginalised communities in the world,” Caritas Australia’s Supporter Services and Philanthropy Associate Director Abby Jones said.

“Project Compassion is an extraordinary demonstration of the faith, empathy, and generosity of our supporters.

“It is the lifeblood of Caritas Australia; without it, we could not do the vital work that we do.”

This year’s theme, For All Future Generations, is about changing lives and improving futures.

To explore the theme, Caritas is sharing three key stories of success. There’s Memory from Malawi who became the first female carpenter in her village, Leaia from Samoa whose life was changed thanks to a water tank and Ronita from the Philippines who was supported to resume her studies and find a job to support her growing family.

The launch event saw people from our Parishes, schools, agencies, and community come together. They enjoyed a special Liturgy with Bishop Michael Kennedy, Samoan dancing, music and pancakes.

“It is incredible to know how many people from across the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese are supporting Project Compassion and the work of Caritas Australia,” Abby said.

“This support allows us to address the challenges of poverty today and to drive lasting change for a better tomorrow.”

She encourages everyone to get behind the cause.

“No donation is too small and together we can make a big impact,” Abby said.

“A life of giving is one of the purest forms of living like Jesus and I would encourage you to partner with us in our 60th year of working in the most vulnerable communities.”

To learn more or donate to Project Compassion, click here.

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