Spectacular storytellers at Holy Name Forster

Holy Name Primary School, Forster achieved great success in the Tell Me A Story Writing and Illustration competition.

Now in its second year, the competition is coordinated by the Great Lakes Advocate and the Great Lakes Art Society.

Tell Me A Story is designed to encourage and inspire young writers and artists and present them with the opportunity to creatively express their work to an audience.

A number of students from Holy Name received awards for their story entries including:

  • Hannah Atkinson – Depths (Excellence Awards)
  • Kobi Critchley – Accepted (Excellence Awards)
  • Hannah Carmichael – The Crash (Excellence Awards)
  • Andrew Miller (Highly Commended)
  • Dylan Kinkade (Highly Commended)
  • Jonathan Botros (Highly Commended)

The sophistication and creativity on display in these stories was amazing, with Hannah Atkinson’s Depths recommended for publishing. Please read a snippet of her story below.

In a split second, the waves engulfed her. She screamed as she began to be pulled down into the darkness below. She felt powerless. Like a sock in a washing machine. “Lyla! Wake up! It’s just a dream!”

She snapped into consciousness, lying in a puddle of sweat, tears running down her cheeks. Her dad was standing above her, with his arms outstretched holding her, worry spread across his face. Not again. For the past three months, Lyla had been having dreams, or nightmares, similar to these – the creatures that lurked below the waves. They haunted her at night. Even though Lyla Evans was an exceptional swimmer, she was petrified of the ocean.

There were also a number of successful entries in the illustration section of competition including:

  • Hannah Atkinson (Excellence Award)
  • Dylan Kinkade (Excellence Award)
  • Taylor Bakewell (Highly Commended)
  • Ethan Hudson (Highly Commended)
  • Isabella Trummel (Highly Commended)

In the coming weeks, the winning stories will be published in the Great Lakes Advocate newspaper and the winning artworks will be displayed at the Great Lakes Gallery.

A big congratulations to all students for their success.

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