St Therese’s New Lambton goes to war against food waste

St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton are the first school to help curb school food waste as part of Feedback Organic Recovery’s Feedback FoodCycle School’s Program.

Aimed at closing the loop between food production and waste, Feedback FoodCycle is a local community solution that turns food waste into compost and then uses it to grow sustainable food.

This sustainable method has seen a range of Newcastle cafes and restaurants jump on board in a subscription-based system, where their food waste is collected and repurposed.

St Therese’s will be the first school to be a part of the local solution, with the school program aimed at curbing school food waste whilst also reducing landfill and allowing students to be a part of a greener future.

Food waste from fruit breaks, morning tea and lunch will be collected in specific Feedback bins placed in each classroom and on the playground.

These bins will then be emptied into a main collection bin that is replaced weekly by Feedback Organic Recovery.

A revolving team of students take on the role of FoodCycle Food Waste Warriors to encourage their peers to sort and dispose of their food waste properly.

The program is easily incorporated into the environmental components of the school syllabus and provides students with a sense of purpose and community, as they feel environmentally empowered by their actions.    

St Therese’s Principal Duilio Rufo says fostering change in our young people is the most important step towards a more sustainable future.

“This is such a great way to encourage our students to first of all take responsibility for the waste they produce that would otherwise go into landfill,” said Duilio.

“Secondly, it allows our students to take ownership of what their planet will look like in the future.”

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