Creative Constructions at St Therese’s

A creative construction project is currently underway at St Therese’s Primary School, New Lambton.

The first creative construction project is a cubby house, with more to follow. Year One have collaborated and plan to create a little ‘village’ that could include a general store with a post box and a café where pets are welcome. Needless to say we are very excited!

The inspiration behind our new venture is a year one student called Aleks.

He told me that he wished he had a cubby house within the bushes. He independently drew some sketches of a cubby house, with some labels and possible measurements and presented his ideas to School Groundsman/Learning Support Teacher, Mr Daniel Rufo, who was most impressed! Aleks shows a creative and imaginative mind – ‘I wish I could be a bird and fly in and out of my nest all day’.

Daniel Rufo leads the construction team each Thursday afternoon, joined by Aleks and two buddies. Throughout the week they ‘check in’ with Daniel and often help him with additional jobs around the school.

Aleks is like other infants’ students who enjoy playing amongst the trees in the long garden bed within the playground. The branches of the bushes create natural rooms and hallways. The students show imagination and creativity in their play such as cooking, shopping, and building. 

We see so many positives from our creative construction groups: 

  • Following our commitment to play based learning where children can imagine, create, explore, problem solve, and collaborate.
  • Allowing for children to explore friendships as they work as a team with Daniel.
  • Creating opportunities in Mathematics – measurement, position, patterns, and shapes.
  • Exploring how places can be used and cared for, and looking at places that are meaningful and purposeful as part of our Geography unit next term.
  • Providing students with opportunities to experience education outside the four walls of the classroom, participate in physical work and enjoy the fresh air!

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Teresa Pearce

Teresa Pearce is a Year One teacher at St Therese's New Lambton.

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