Bishops make a timely statement  IMAGE Aurora

Bishops make a timely statement

October 03, 2020 Dr Sandie Cornish

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the mental health of many members of our families and local communities. There is widespread pressure on livelihoods as businesses struggle, lay people off, or even close.

A healthy mind IMAGE Aurora

A healthy mind

October 06, 2020 Bishop Bill Wright

If you boarded a long-haul flight 10 or 15 years ago, you knew you’d be disturbed all through the night by people getting out of your row of seats, walking up and down the plane, stretching, doing squats and lunges, and so on. The cabin would take on the aspect of a gym.

Stress is the new norm IMAGE Aurora

Stress is the new norm

October 07, 2020 Todd Dagwell

Australians are living through one of the most turbulent periods in a century, with most people facing unprecedented changes to the way they live and work. Stress, anxiety and depression have become the normal and expected by-product of this uncertainty.

Fight, flight, or freeze IMAGE Aurora

Fight, flight, or freeze

October 09, 2020 Cheryl Brown

Trauma is an emotional response to a shocking and distressing event such as exposure to violence, abuse, neglect, an accident or injury, sexual assault, or natural disaster. It is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds the person’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.

Faith communities provide fulsome answers IMAGE Aurora

Faith communities provide fulsome answers

October 12, 2020 Rosemary McAllister

How do we live life to the full? Or as Socrates or Aristotle state from a philosopher’s lens, reach eudaimonia? The ancient philosophers agreed that happiness may bring about eudaimonia if life is led with the inclusion of the virtues. This sort of happiness is not intermediate but one that strives for flourishment, and ultimately assists life to be lived to the full.

Baby, what a ride IMAGE Aurora

Baby, what a ride

October 14, 2020 Ashleigh Banks

They say when a woman gives birth, two people are born; the baby and the new mum.

Debilitating disease can’t break the chain IMAGE Aurora

Debilitating disease can’t break the chain

October 13, 2020 Reverend Christine Sheppard OAM

The fine chain I wear around my neck carries a Jerusalem cross, and two rings – one is my darling husband Warren's wedding ring, and the other is his ring that was blessed when we renewed our marriage vows for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Housing-first fits the bill IMAGE Aurora

Housing-first fits the bill

October 19, 2020 Sister Myree Harris rsj

The well-established connection between mental ill-health and homelessness is complex, but not insurmountable. Having worked in this area for more than 30 years and using the Josephite charism as a guide, I am convinced a “housing-first” approach offers a solution.

Deferred time is running out IMAGE Aurora

Deferred time is running out

October 20, 2020 Todd Dagwell

Freezing his mortgage repayments when COVID-19 hit saved Newcastle home-owner John* from “going under”. But the clock is ticking on the deferment period and he fears his finances, and his mental health, are headed over a cliff if he doesn’t find work soon.

Faith and Family are solid supports IMAGE Aurora

Faith and Family are solid supports

October 05, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

Simon and Stefanie Lloyd have been married for 19 years after first meeting at a Windale Catholic Parish Antioch closing ceremony in 1985.

Serving Opportunity IMAGE Aurora

Serving Opportunity

October 02, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

The unmistakable sounds of coffee being ground and milk being frothed emanate from the bustling café at Hamilton’s St Francis Xavier’s College each weekday morning.

Mind games play on IMAGE Aurora

Mind games play on

October 12, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

The thought of pounding the pavement in the early hours, swimming laps in icy cold ocean baths, or shooting hoops for hours on end, would be enough to send some people into a cold sweat.

Workplaces to the fore IMAGE Aurora

Workplaces to the fore

October 23, 2020 Darrell Croker

With mental ill health now the number one reason for absence from employment, and long-term incapacity, the workplace has become an ideal environment in which to address the issue.

BOOK REVIEW: The Happiness Trap IMAGE Aurora

BOOK REVIEW: The Happiness Trap

November 03, 2020 Kate Sweeny

Twelve years ago, when studying for my current career, I made a mistake. I picked up a copy of this book and read on the back-cover blurb: “This book is for everyone!”

Where there’s a will, student perspective IMAGE Aurora

Where there’s a will, student perspective

November 03, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

Select students representing every high school across the Upper Hunter converged on the City of Churches earlier this year to take part in the 8th National Student Leadership Summit, a one-day intensive workshop designed to challenge, inspire, and empower. Hosted by St Peter's College, Adelaide, the summit centres around encouraging dialogue, critical thinking and creative problem solving to help students ignite change in their communities.

Farmer’s wife responds to the call IMAGE Aurora

Farmer’s wife responds to the call

November 03, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

Providing each child with a wellbeing toolbox is a priority for mental health advocate Pauline Carrigan, co-founder of Where there's a Will.

Hold the phone, teens need help IMAGE Aurora

Hold the phone, teens need help

November 04, 2020 Lizzie Watkin

One of the country’s leading medical research groups, the Black Dog Institute, estimates that 50 per cent of all mental health problems emerge during adolescence.

Moments to cherish IMAGE Aurora

Moments to cherish

November 20, 2020 Alexander Foster

Erin Gehrig has always loved children and being a witness to their growth and development. As a teen, she undertook voluntary work experience at an early education service and following this set her sights on working in the industry. Erin began working for St Nicholas Early Education at its Chisholm centre in 2018, before joining the Maitland operation when it opened its doors earlier this year. She draws on almost a decade of experience in the industry to mentor her colleagues on St Nicholas’s programs and practices.

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