Careful, it’s an emergency!

St Nicholas Early Education centre at Newcastle West received a very special visit on Wednesday. The State Emergency Services (SES) Newcastle branch volunteers came to the centre to show the children their “Medium Storm Rescue” vehicles.

The Yunung children were the first to experience what is like to be an SES volunteer, followed by Maiyaa and Mowane children. They played on the trucks, wore the life jackets on the boat and learned how to wear the protective gear.

The Maya and Mowane children had a group conversation with the volunteers. “We, the SES, help people in storms and floods and we also help when there are people who get lost. We go out and try to find them. Sometimes a tree would blow over so we come out and help people who are trapped.”

The children were really lucky to play on brand new vehicles. “They are trying to replace things around the state. These trucks are brand new, we have them since the end of May. The truck we had before was 28 years old.”

“That’s why we do these things – we come out and practise putting things up,” said one of the volunteers.

St Nicholas Newcastle West thanks Jeff for helping organise the event and all the volunteers who helped bring this experience to the children and extended their knowledge of emergency services and our greater community.

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Sofia Caneo Image
Sofia Caneo

Sofia Caneo is the Online Communications Assistant for the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.

Emily Skehan Image
Emily Skehan

Emily Skehan is an Early Childhood Educator at St Nicholas Early Education, Newcastle West.

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