Celebrating 140 Years of Excellence: St. Joseph’s Lochinvar's Sunnyside Up Week

St Joseph’s College Lochinvar radiated positivity, unity and service during Sunnyside Up Week, celebrating 140 years of excellence. Read the reflection provided by Mr. Taylor Zahra, Leader of College Ministry at St Joseph’s College Lochinvar on Sunnyside Up Week.

What a fantastic week it has been at our college St Joseph’s Lochinvar! I am excited to share with you the heartwarming highlights of Sunnyside Up Week, a celebration that radiated positivity, unity, and service across our campus. During Week 6, our college transformed into a hub of excitement with activities, events, and performances that aimed to uplift spirits and strengthen the bonds within our St. Joseph's community.

This year was unique as we simultaneously celebrated 140 years of education on our site, by drawing inspiration from the Josephite Sisters of Lochinvar. Each day was dedicated to one of the Josephite values: Presence, Courage, Hospitality, Compassion, Humility, Justice, and Service. These values were not merely words on paper but were celebrated and "lived out" through a myriad of actions and activities. These works of service and fun activities included songs replacing the traditional school bells, bake sales to fundraise money for charitable organisations, music on the lawn and concerts, scarecrow building contests, staff vs student games, community artwork, library activities, trivia and much more.

During Sunnyside Up Week, we embarked on an artistic journey that beautifully embodies the rich tapestry of our history, the vibrant present, and the limitless potential of our future. This journey led us to the creation of a whole school artwork, a visual representation of who we are as a community and the values that bind us together.

Our artwork tells a story that goes beyond colours and shapes. Nestled among the rolling hills of Lochinvar, the backdrop of our daily lives, stands a figure – Mary MacKillop herself. She stands as a reminder of the enduring Josephite legacy that continues to shape our college. This symbolic representation highlights the inseparable bond between our home at Lochinvar and the transformative work of the Josephite Sisters.

Filling these hills are the thumbprints of every single staff member and student at our College. Each thumbprint is more than a mark; it is a testament to individuals’ presence during this historic moment in the College’s time. It speaks of one’s commitment to upholding the Josephite tradition and their vital role in continuing their legacy.

A project of this magnitude could not have come to life without the dedication and passion of our community members who worked tirelessly to put this week of celebration together.

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