Reconnecting the loose threads

Towards the end of September, hundreds of people from around Australia involved in youth ministry will gather together for the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention (ACYMC). 

ACYMC seeks to reach people from all contexts and ministries and is the largest networking opportunity for youth ministry in Australia. 

It exists to:

  • develop and nurture a national understanding and identity of Catholic youth ministry
  • provide high-quality formation and training for those engaged in youth ministry across Australia
  • provide an opportunity for youth ministers to network within and beyond their immediate fields of ministry
  • provide a space for youth ministers to seek spiritual reflection and nourishment.

After the completion of ACYMC, the Diocesan Council for Ministry with Young People will begin holding Thread Days. The first of these will be held on 27 October with the aim of gathering together all the different youth ministry initiatives throughout the diocese for an afternoon of prayer, formation, information, sharing and networking.

The theme ‘thread’ comes from a three-day youth retreat in 2012 called Camp Thread which connected youth ministries from around the diocese. It built strong connections sharing ideas and supporting each other through the challenges of youth ministry.

Over the years those connections have dwindled as people have moved away or moved out of the youth ministry scene. Now new initiatives have started and a new generation of youth ministers are emerging.

The upcoming Thread Days will aim to connect, empower and support those in ministry to build sustainable initiatives that will continue into the future and offer a place where our youth ministers can share and learn from each other’s experiences.

If you are interested in attending the Thread Day on 27 October, E

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