Uncle Billy Lamb, St Pius X High School students connect to First Nations culture through art

A group of First Nations high school students in Newcastle have had a chance to strengthen their connection to culture through art.

This story was originally published in the Newcastle Herald. 

Uncle Billy Lamb joined the St Pius X students on Tuesday morning to repaint totem poles at the entrance to the school grounds with traditional colours and images such as the Rainbow Serpent and hand prints.

Uncle Billy said it was good to keep young people involved in cultural practices - sharing and enjoying them.

"It's to keep the culture going, mate. That's what it's all about," he said.

"We've only got one culture and it's all ours. We don't want to see it die. We want to see it live on, mate."

Year 10 student Elijah O'Brien said having Aboriginal art around the school helped young First Nations people "embrace our culture".

Bonnie Stephenson, from Year 9, said she believed it was important to embrace her culture "so we can connect to our ancestors and our land".

Photo by Simone De Peak. 

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