Demand rises at CatholicCare’s Community Kitchens

Can you help CatholicCare's Community Kitchens? 

Demand at CatholicCare’s Community Kitchens has doubled in recent months and sadly, the team expects this trend to continue.

As our communities battle the cold of winter and contend with the rising cost of living more people need our help.

Here at CatholicCare, we do all we can to ensure no one is turned away and that everyone is welcomed with food, support, and a smile at our Community Kitchens.

People like Pat*.

Pat has endured a rough ride for the past couple of years. He has been hopping from one situation to another, trying to secure an affordable place he could call home.

When CatholicCare first came to know Pat, he was quite up-beat about his situation and full of confidence that he would soon land on his feet, find a job he enjoyed, and would come to have the means to live a simple and secure life.

He was determined to improve his opportunities for employment by undertaking studies at TAFE but after he completed the course, he applied for one job after another…after another.

Sadly, when the team recently saw him again, they found out that things had not improved for him.

Pat had been reduced to living in his car with a small annex close to a local reserve. Despite his studies at TAFE, and having submitted 30+ applications, he still couldn’t secure a job.

But there he was on the Taree Community Kitchen doorstep, trusting that our team would welcome him with a hot meal.

CatholicCare Director Gary Christensen said Pat’s story is just one of many the team hears on a daily basis.

“The demand is really picking up,” he said.

“So many people are turning to us for support, and we rely on donations from our community and our dedicated volunteers to continue to help them.

“People like Pat deserve a meal, shelter, and support just as much as you and me.

“We’re asking others to join with us and help us make a difference by volunteering or gifting a donation to our Kitchens.”

If you have a couple of hours to spare or some money or food to donate, we would love to hear from you.

Our Food Programs have also recently expanded to deliver meals to Motto Farm Motel. This food support offers people who have little cooking facilities a hot nutritious meal every Thursday.

A tax-deductible gift before 30 June can help support CatholicCare’s Community Kitchens. Click here for more information.

*Named changed to protect identity.

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