Toronto Community Kitchen helps Frank make valuable connections

There are many stories shared around the tables at the Toronto Community Kitchen each Thursday, here’s one from a dedicated volunteer. 

Recently we welcomed a new friend, let’s call him Frank*. He was a little unsure when he arrived, but he was very relieved to hear he could join us for a meal at no cost. Frank had no money for the next 7 days and was sleeping in his car in a park. He had walked to the Kitchen as he had no petrol.

Frank happily joined a table of 4 strangers and thoroughly enjoyed his meal and a lively conversation. He told us later it was his first hot meal in 10 days (the last being a pie at a servo). He couldn’t remember the last time he had sat around a table with others.

Before Frank left we gave him some bread, fruit, and canned food to help tide him over and told him where he could have a shower and wash his clothes with the Salvos the next day. We also invited him to join us for Mass on Sunday, and he came along. At Mass, Frank shared that when he left us that Thursday night, he remembered our smiles and he felt great hope. He thanked God for His help in finding us.

The Kitchen is open each Thursday from 5pm to 6.30pm at the Toronto Community Centenary Hub, (97 The Boulevarde, Toronto).

Everybody is welcome.

*Name changed to protect identity. 

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