Gallery: 'Unfiltered' ARTEXPRESS nomination by Bridie O'Connell

Artist Bridie O'Connell, a Year 12 student from St Clare's High School, Taree​ has been nominated for the 2023 ARTEXPRESS exhibition for her body of work, 'Unfiltered'. 

ARTEXPRESS is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.

Bridie’s work is a representation of the effort behind the images that people share on social media that are seemingly effortless.

"My piece, 'Unfiltered', explores how we share images on social media and the editing processes behind them. We compare ourselves so often to the seemingly perfect photos people share of themselves without considering the changes that have been made to the photo to make it look a certain way.  This issue is so prominent in my generation, and I wanted to try and explore it and illustrate the process behind taking, editing and posting the photos we see and compare ourselves to on these social platforms,” O'Connell said. 

Congratulations to Bridie for her incredible achievement! Check out Bridie's body of work below.

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