Hunter Community Alliance builds up the region’s power

Community groups and organisations across the Hunter are coming together to have their say as part of the Hunter Community Alliance.

Since 2018, the group has been growing in a bid to make change.

“We are an alliance of civil society organisations from the Hunter, formed to build the power of communities so they can participate in the decision-making that affects our region,” Manager of Community and Mission Brendon Mannyx said.

“Our alliance is young and still building power – members are a broad base of organisations from neighbourhood centres, unions, First Nations, faith, environmental, ethnic, cultural, housing, welfare, and education community organisations.

“The Hunter Community Alliance is based on a model called community organising which sees everyday people winning changes in their communities.

“We build trust through relationships; listen to what people care about; train leaders; plan, research, analyse; and act for the common good.”

Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 8 November) the faith-based organisations involved in the Alliance will be hosting an event to offer people in our community the chance to learn more about the group’s work.

Taking Action and Discipleship will explore the Church’s role in public life from different Christian traditions.

Brendon said it’s a “great opportunity to build relationships across Hunter churches as well as learn more about our tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and how our discipleship journey finds meaning in public action”.

The event will start at 3pm in the Toohey Room (841 Hunter Street, Newcastle West). You can register by emailing

Following this event, the entire Hunter Community Alliance will host its Delegates Assembly at the Southern Cross Hall (841 Hunter Street, Newcastle West).

“The Delegates Assembly will be the largest gathering of the Hunter Community Alliance to date with all the member organisations from across civil society coming together to share stories, build relationships, and commit to a course of action on key issues of housing affordability, energy transition, and community benefit agreements,” Brendon said.

“This is a call out to leaders in all parishes, schools, movements, orders, and agencies within our diocese to express our solidarity with the wider community and put our Christian faith into action.

“Our attendance at these assemblies is an expression of our church on mission.”

It’s one of the final events the Alliance will host before it is founded next year.

“The Founding Assembly will place the Hunter Community Alliance as a recognised, credible voice within decision-making processes of our community,” Brendon explained.

“As more organisations bring their people to the table, we will transform the landscape of power.”

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